A Secure Heart

Monday night, around 5:00 I went on a quick run.  As I ran along the service road, I couldn’t believe how many trash cans were already out and ready in preparation for Tuesday trash day.  I don’t know about you, but we’re lucky if we even get the trash out by Monday night.  Usually, we practically chase the garbage truck down the road with our trash can rolling behind us.  (Not quite, but wouldn’t that be a sight to behold?)  As stupid as it sounds, when I see all the garbage cans getting ready so early, I feel pressure to get ours out ASAP, as if to say to our neighbors, “trash day is coming and we’re prepared too!”  (I know, I know, how insecure can possibly I be?) 

But whether our trash is on the street Monday at noon, or Tuesday morning, the trash gets picked up.  Still, it’s easy to find myself comparing myself to my neighbors, friends, and family on stupid things like trash to bigger things like degrees, jobs, and major life decisions.  There’s a certain pressure I feel to keep up with my house, family, clothes, body, spiritual journey, etc.  In the small details of life and the much more significant ones, I care what people think about me. 

But deep, deep down, I know there is only one opinion that truly matters.  Yet too often I work much harder on earning the seal of approval from everyone else, when what I really need is for my insecure heart to rest confidently in the abundant security that only our God can provide.    

“The Lord gives his people strength; the Lord grants his people with security.”
Psalm 29:11 (NET)
(She) will have no fear of bad news;
   (her) heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD.  
(Her) heart is secure.
Psalm 112:7-8 (NIV)