A Rotten Idea

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Those who know me well, know that I’m a stickler for a bargain.  I also like to save money wherever possible…sometimes to a fault.

So, when the watermelon I bought on Saturday was already rotting on Monday, I knew what had to be done–some might say, “chuck it,” but I say, “return!”

Some of you may not know this, but you can return pretty much anything to the grocery store–the extra can of chickpeas you didn’t use in a recipe, the leftover bottles of wine you didn’t need for a party, and anything that rots…as long as you have a receipt, they take it all back!

So, Monday, I loaded up my car with every intention of returning the watermelon while I was running errands–I mean, I DID pay $3 after all!

This would have been a great plan EXCEPT that last week was so incredibly busy.  Monday turned into Tuesday, which turned into Wednesday….fast forward to Friday morning when I loaded up Little B in the car to head to Bible study, and there were fruit flies everywhere!  I’m talking hundreds!

If a watermelon was rotten on Monday, just think what it would be like on Friday after sitting in the car all week.  It. Was. Disgusting.  The watermelon had soaked through the bag, the floor mat, and into the carpet of the car.  They were all sopping wet and reeking of rotten fruit.

So, I calmly threw the melon in the trash, took out the floor mat, and put an old beach towel down to absorb the mess on the floor of the car.  As the fruit flies swarmed around his head, Little B gave me a look as if to say, “Mom, what have you done?!”  (At seven months, he’s already mastered his look of disapproval and judgement…I’m pretty sure he gets this from me.  I guess you reap what you sow.)

All weekend we drove with the windows down trying to rid our car of rotten melon, while swarming away every fruit fly in Virginia Beach.  The three dollars I was hoping to save, ended up costing $4 more dollars in carpet shampoo.  The bottom line is: it just wasn’t worth it!

I’m all for saving money, but really, was it ever worth $3 for me to haul a baby and a watermelon back to the grocery store to get my money back?  On principle, possibly, but in reality, no.  No, it was not.  It was a rotten idea that ended up creating more rotten consequences, that I’m still paying for today.

Instead of being hellbent on getting my money back based on principle, had I cut around the rotten parts of the melon on Monday, I could have actually enjoyed some of the watermelon, instead of loathing it for weeks to come.

Life is busy.  It seems that no matter who you are and what your life looks like, there is way more to accomplish in a day than there are hours to do it.  Let’s all do ourselves a favor and resolve not to sweat the small stuff–focus on the big stuff and just keep it simple.