A Little Each Day

Image from IHeart Organizing...a new fav of mine!

Yesterday, I talked about my new resolve to turn away from a messy home and start creating a home with order, purpose, and life.

Easier said than done, I assure you.  Especially, when many of the habits that have put me in this place have been years in the making.

I’m only five days in, so there’s still a newness to it, but here’s what I’m learning: it is SO much easier to stay on top of things if you’re consistent and make sure to do a little bit everyday.

Saturday, we did a massive clean and as we peeled back the layers of our mess, we just kept finding more and more messes.  For a time, I felt like there was no way we could even get to the bottom of it…we just can’t do it!  There was too much mess.  I didn’t know where to begin.

However, once the groundwork had been laid and we created a fresh, clean space to start with–clean bedrooms, clutter-free kitchen, organized toy bins–I began to see an orderly house was potentially within my reach.  I can do this–We can do hard things.

As for the rest of it?  I’m slowly tackling one project at a time–I made a list of what needs to be tended to–kitchen cupboards, closets, our mail station, the laundry room…and little by little, I’m checking them off one by one.  It’s not realistic to think that I can devote 4-5 hours a day cleaning and organizing, but a 30 minute project every other day?  Hopefully, I can handle.

Many of us may be facing struggles, big or small, that we put off, neglect, and wish would go away.  They may look vastly different, but they’re real.  And no matter what that thing may be, it’s much easier to live in denial than coming face-to-face with the mountain we’ve created.

But we can do it–we can do hard things.  It doesn’t have to be done in a day–start with baby steps.  Tackle a little each day and give yourself grace to know that changing our habits doesn’t typically happen overnight, it’s a process, but one that’s within our reach.

Need some help tackling your paper piles?  Check out this post from IHeart Organizing.



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