A Friend For All Seasons

Lets talk friendship for a minute.  In life, we walk through all kinds of different friendships–some are instant connections, while others surprise us; some are exactly like us, while some are completely different; some are older, some are younger…the various friendships we have throughout our life take on all kinds of shapes and forms–it’s good and important to have a variety!

There are those “life friends” who no matter where or what, they are always there for you.  But today, I want to talk about a special kind of friendship.  One that God brings into your life for a specific season.  You don’t want all your friends to be in your same situation, but at certain times, in certain places, it is a precious gift to have a friend walking through your season right along with you.  A friend who can understand, listen, support and encourage you.  They can sympathize with you, because they’re right there with you.

When I first graduated college, I lived with one of my best friends from high school.  We both found ourselves overwhelmed by the uncertainty of our new, post-college life and everything that lay ahead.  We took turns crying on the couch as we adjusted to the working world and mourned the loss of college friends and summer breaks and the addition of things like taxes, health insurance and 6:00 am wake-up calls.  We lived off of popcorn and red peppers, because we couldn’t really afford to buy real food to make dinner.  We quickly adjusted to black coffee, because milk wasn’t viewed as a necessary expense.

When I fell in love with B, one of my best friends from college began a similar relationship and met her future husband just two months later.  We were there for one another as we talked through both the joys and trials that come with starting a new relationship.  Eventually, we were engaged at the same time and married within two months of each other, giving us the chance to talk registries, invitations, and eventually, how to adjust to living in the same house with a boy.

As we arrived in Charlottesville for business school two years ago, I found and connected with a group of wives who were in the same situation–supporting their husbands through business school.  For the past two years, these girls have been my lifeline.  When the boys were studying late, we would get together and watch some “quality” TV like The Bachelor, Nashville, or Pan Am (which was incredibly short lived and for good reason…that show was terrible).  When they had finals, we would go wine tasting to a nearby vineyard.  And in the midst of interviews, internships and determining everyone’s next steps, they’ve been there to talk, listen, pray, and power walk through it.

Fast forward a year, and I found myself pregnant with my first baby, totally clueless of what to do.  Thankfully, in addition to my friends in other cities who were quick to give me tons of advice, God brought me the most wonderful friends, two moms slightly ahead of me in Charlottesville with babies four and two months older than Little B.  Two moms who could teach me about things like nursing tank tops, portable stroller fans, and where to buy the cheapest smocked clothes.  Friends who would happily sit and talk about all things baby, offering their support and insight on sleeping schedules, feedings, and development.  I can’t tell you what a gift it has been!

Sorry for the walk down memory lane, but as we slowly and reluctantly begin to wrap up our time in Charlottesville and say our goodbyes, I’ve become incredibly nostalgic.  I hate endings and I’m always fearful of beginnings.  The unknown and uncertainty can be scary.

But as I look back, I can see how in every season of my life, God has been so incredibly faithful to provide friendships that have fortified and encouraged me at just the right time.  Friendships that have continued long after the seasons came to a close.  So why would He stop now?!

If you have a friend who has carried you through a specific season, let them know how much you appreciate them!

Or, if you’re in need of a friend who can understand exactly what you’re going through, pray and ask God.  I’ve been amazed at how when I pray about friendships, God is faithful to bring people into our lives at the perfect time.  What a sweet and loving God we have that He cares about our friendships and brings people into our lives to support and encourage us!  It is truly an incredible gift!

“As iron sharpens iron,
so a friend sharpens a friend.”
Proverbs 27:17