61 Years of Love!!

Babby & Papa


Happy Monday!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  We were in Colorado for a family reunion to celebrate my mom’s parents’ 61st wedding anniversary!  Can you believe it–61 years?!

It’s easy to romanticize love and want to fashion it off of the “love” we see in the movies, but I’m telling you, Babby and Papa are the real deal.

My grandmother Babby has always encouraged us to believe that, “God is the God of romance,” not just because she wants to believe that it’s true, but because she’s lived it and she knows it to be true.  As a young twenty-something, Babby said goodbye to her father and hopped on a plane to move out west to Denver.  Her father’s famous last words?  “You know Babby, you can’t wait forever for a prince on a white horse–princes on white horses just don’t exist.”

Soon after arriving to Denver, Babby had a blind date with a mutual friend named David.  The minute she opened the door, she knew, her prince had arrived.  Weeks later they were engaged.  Now, 61 years later, they have shown everyone around them that true loved doesn’t end when you say, “I do,” but it keeps on going.  To me, they are proof that it’s possible to fall more and more in love with your spouse every single day of your life.  At each wedding I’ve ever seen them at, they are first up on the dance floor!  And their legacy continues with four children, 12 grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren (with two more on the way).

They have taught each of us that love is not something you give up on.  Even when it’s hard, you don’t run away, but instead, you walk through the difficulties together.  But most importantly, they’ve taught us that the key to a successful marriage is one that starts and ends each day rooted and grounded in their faith.

They continue to be leaders in their church and as a retired coupled, they traveled the world on missions’ trips.  More recently, they’ve gone together each week to pray for cancer patients at a nearby hospital, and they always, always pray together for their family.  They may be getting older (61 one years of marriage will do that to you),  but they’ve never stopped living.

Not only do they fall more in love with each other as the days go by, but together, they’ve resolved to fall more and more in love with Jesus.  And with each mountain and valley experience they’ve walked through together in their 61 years together, they’ve seen first-hand how God has carried them through and there are no other words to declare but, “Thanks be to God for this indescribable gift!”

Tearing up the dance floor at my wedding!