4 More Years!

Few can deny that we’re in the throws of election season.  I don’t know about you, but I love a good competition!  But don’t worry, I’m not here to campaign for any political candidate, I’m here to announce that B and I are entering our 2nd term as husband and wife!  That’s right, today is our 4th anniversary!  Hard to believe we’ve reached a full presidential term, but I’m all revved up and ready for our term number 2!  We have some exciting news in the works as we enter year #4; it’s going to be great!  (Guess I need to go pick out a new inauguration dress, huh?!)

Last year, I shared some marriage advice that I’d gathered in my first three years here, here, and here.  Today, there are two quick reflections that I want to share:

1.  In seeking out the perfect mate, be sure you look to marry your very best friend.  Physical chemistry is an important component to any relationship, but at the end of the day, it can only take you so far.  From the minute B kissed me, I knew I was wildly attracted to him and even to this day, all he has to do is look at me from across the room and I still get butterflies, but in a marriage, there needs to be more.

I’m so thankful that in B I have found my best friend.  Not only someone who can woo and romance me, but someone who I enjoy being around and laugh uncontrollably with during the mundane and stressful parts of life like driving 20 hours in the car to Minnesota; moving 4 times in 3 years and living to talk about it; running around Tysons Corner just days before Christmas trying to get presents for our enormous families; and even walking through the airport security lines to face the oh-so-friendly TSA agents.

Not only does marrying your best friend make life more enjoyable, but when things aren’t quite going the way you planned them, which was pretty much a majority of our first three years of marriage, having your best friend around helps keep you grounded and continually leading you back to Truth.

Which brings me to point #2.  Whether you’re married or single, let’s face it, a majority of your twenties is just one big transition, bouncing from one major life stage to the next, changing jobs, and constantly on the move.  We have certainly seen our share of change, but the beautiful thing is that as B and I have walked through the different seasons our little marriage has weathered, there is one Truth that has remained constant.  Not once, not ever, has God left our side.

Long before we ever said, “I Do,” our God has been with us.  Leading us, guiding us, supporting us, and upholding us.  Through every fear, unknown, and uncertainty, He has and He will remain so close.

No matter what turn our lives may take, at each step and each transition, God is with us and watching over us.  When we’re stuck in the pit, rejoicing in success, coping with tragedy, or trying to ascertain just exactly what is God’s best for us, He’s been there, continually promising that He will not leave us.  
Four years after the wedding festivities, I definitely have a few favorite wedding presents, but this one has proven to be the most timeless, useful, and supportive of them all.  Thank you, Lord! 

Both photos taken by the fabulous Patricia Lyons